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 Lending a "third party perspective" to difficult problems.
Organizational Development Consultation
  • Facilitation – Using Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation methods to develop a comprehensive five year strategic plan or to just help guide a more productive meeting.

  • Coaching – Helping individuals to clarify competencies and understand their impact on others, and supporting behavioral change through goal setting, development planning and skill building.


  • Workplace assessment – Conducting interviews, surveys or focus groups to evaluate workplace culture, employee engagement, or work unit effectiveness and to identify areas for improvement.


  • Team building – Assisting groups or teams to work together more effectively, address team dynamics, or to enhance performance through clarification of mission, roles, responsibilities or team dynamics.


  • Conflict resolution – Facilitating informal discussions between individuals or work groups to resolve work-related conflicts.


  • Change management – Facilitating planning efforts and creating strategies for successfully implementing organizational changes and transitions.  


  • Workplace Climate/Culture – Analyzing communication channels within a work unit or team, identifying core values and establishing interaction ground rules.

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