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Research Consultation
Using evidence-based practices to work strategically.
  • Data ExplorationAre your clients young or old?  Do they live near or are they scatter in a large geographic area?  Understanding who you serve can help you to utilize your limited resources to better serve your clients.

  • Research DesignDo you know the question but are unsure how to get to the answer?  A well designed and planned research study can save time and give you the answers you seek.

  • Assessment Development and ValidationDo you need to develop an effective screening/triage tool or know that an assessment works well with your specific clients?  Our expertise can help.

  • Survey Development A survey is easy to develop and conduct.  Surveys that provide the answers you need and lead to positive change are more challenging.  Our experience in survey development can be a valuable resource and a quick consultation.

  • Program EvaluationA core element of evidence based practices is knowing that what you are doing is working.  Our expertise can get you that knowledge.

  • Advanced StatisticsComplex research questions can be explored with advanced statistical analysis including multivariate analysis, regression, and factor analysis, to name a few.  In today’s open source world, the power of statistics can be at our disposal at an affordable price.

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